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Current PhD Students

Lab Alumni

Janie Busby, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Mental time travel in children

Tamara Christie, PhD 2007
Thesis title: Infants' perception of moving human bodies 

Emma Collier-Baker, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Invisible displacement understanding in dogs (Canis familiaris), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), and other primates

Nicole Erlich, PhD 2010
Thesis title: Of hissing snakes and angry voices: the processing of evolutionary fear-relevant sounds in infancy

Michelle Heron-Delaney, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Development of preferences for the human body shape in infancy 

Andrew Hill, PhD 2011
Thesis topic: Inferential reasoning by exclusion in non-human primates and children

Kristelle Hudry, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Exploring the boundaries of emotional responsiveness in young children with autism spectrum disorder 

Janine Oostenbroek, PhD 2013
Thesis topic: Individual differences in neonatal imitation and consequential developmental outcomes.

Guillermo Ramirez, MPhil 2015
Thesis title: The role of functional knowledge in children's judgments of inefficient tools

Jonathan Redshaw, PhD 2015
Thesis title: The nature, ontogeny, and phylogeny of episodic foresight.

Ameneh Shahaeian, PhD 2014
Thesis title: Developing an Understanding of Mind: A View Across Cultures.

Morgan Tear, PhD 2015
Thesis title: Violent video games and social behaviour