ECDC in the media

Research publications from our team have been published in various news outlets, which you can view below. 

The science of making friends - The Child Trends News Service

Our longitudinal study on neonatal imitation was covered in many news outlets including:
Science Daily
The Conversation

Time travelling in the human mind BBC Radio 4
The secret of popularity Wall Street Journal
Why humans should be wary of widening intelligence gap BBC Future
Ask Me Anything – Thomas Suddendorf Reddit Science  
Die Stellung des Homo sapiens: Zeitzeichen (in German)
What separates us from other animals UQ Global Leadership Series


Children who understand others' perspectives found to be more popular among peers in Science Daily


Babies perk up to sounds signalling ancient hazards in ScienceNews
Violent Video Games Don’t Make Us Less Caring in Time
Can Animals Envision the Future? in Science


Imitation and imagination: child’s play is central to human success in The Conversation


The brain: Memories are crucial for looking into the future in Discover Magazine
Infants can tell the difference between correct and incorrect counting in New Scientist Magazine