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Jessica Spence, PhD 2023
Thesis Title: Children's judgments on the acceptability of prejudice

Sophie Cameron, PhD 2022
Thesis Title: Children's use of moral character in the evaluation and performance of transgressions.

Shalini Gautam, PhD 2022
Thesis Title: 

Kelly Kirkland, PhD 2021
Thesis Title: The effect of economic inequality on children's prosocial behaviour

Karri Neldner, PhD 2020
Thesis Title: The development and evolution of tool innovation in human children (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): a cross-cultural and comparative investigation

Kristyn Hensby, PhD 2020
Thesis Title: The early development of young children’s imitation of social robots

Sarah Longbottom, PhD 2019
Thesis Title:  Does living on farms influence the acquisition of biological concepts in childhood? An examination of the effects of environment, experiences, and parent communication on children’s biological concepts

Frankie Fong, PhD 2019
Thesis Title: Preschool children's normative and instrumental learning
Adam Bulley, PhD 2019
Thesis Title: The role of prospective cognition in human decision-making: proximate and ultimate perspectives
Melissa Brinums, PhD 2019
Thesis Title: Learning for the future: Children’s capacity to acquire information and skills in preparation for a future event
Matti Wilks, PhD 2018
Thesis title: The role of antisocial behaviour and group membership on children’s imitation across development
Rohan Kapitany, PhD 2017
Thesis title: Ritual cognition: ritualized action and artefact
Thesis title: Very Early Social Learning within the Context of the Mother-Baby Relationship
Evren Etel, PhD 2017
Thesis title: Associations between peer cooperation and mind understanding among preschoolers: the effects of play context and culture
Guillermo Ramirez, MPhil 2015
Thesis title: The role of functional knowledge in children's judgments of inefficient tools

Jonathan Redshaw, PhD 2015
Thesis title: The nature, ontogeny, and phylogeny of episodic foresight.

Morgan Tear, PhD 2015
Thesis title: Violent video games and social behaviour

Ameneh Shahaeian, PhD 2014
Thesis title: Developing an Understanding of Mind: A View Across Cultures.

Janine Oostenbroek, PhD 2013
Thesis topic: Individual differences in neonatal imitation and consequential developmental outcomes.

Andrew Hill, PhD 2011
Thesis topic: Inferential reasoning by exclusion in non-human primates and children

Nicole Erlich, PhD 2010
Thesis title: Of hissing snakes and angry voices: the processing of evolutionary fear-relevant sounds in infancy

Emma Collier-Baker, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Invisible displacement understanding in dogs (Canis familiaris), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), and other primates

Tamara Christie, PhD 2007
Thesis title: Infants' perception of moving human bodies 

Kristelle Hudry, PhD 2006
Thesis title: Exploring the boundaries of emotional responsiveness in young children with autism spectrum disorder 

Janie Busby, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Mental time travel in children

Michelle Heron-Delaney, PhD 2005
Thesis title: Development of preferences for the human body shape in infancy