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Recently published research papers

Here's a list of our recent academic publications.
Imitation, Collaboration, and Their Interaction Among Western and Indigenous Australian Preschool Children

Journal: Child Development, 87, 795-806
Authors: Nielsen, M., Mushin, I., Tomaselli, K., & Whiten, A.

Comprehensive longitudinal study challenges the existence of neonatal imitation in humans

Journal: Current Biology.
Authors: Oostenbroek, J., Suddendorf, T., Nielsen, M., Redshaw, J., Kennedy, S., Davis, J., Clark, S., & Slaughter, V.

Dissociating memory traces and scenario construction in mental time travel

Journal: Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 60, 82-89
Authors: Cheng, S., Wering, M., & Suddendorf, T.

Imitation and Innovation: The Dual Engines of Cultural Learning

Journal: Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19, 688-699
Authors: Legare, C. H., & Nielsen, M.

Adopting the ritual stance: The role of opacity and context in ritual and everyday actions

Journal: Cognition, 145, 13-29 (2015): doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2015.08.002
Authors: Kapitány, R., & Nielsen, M.

Before Cumulative Culture: The Evolutionary Origins of Overimitation and Shared Intentionality

Journal: Human Nature, published online (July, 2015) doi:10.1007/s12110-015-9233-8
Authors: Shipton, C. & Nielsen, M.

Children with autism spectrum disorders are skilled at reading emotion body language

Journal: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 139, 35-50.
Authors: Peterson, C., Slaughter, V., & Brownell, C.

The perpetuation of ritualistic actions as revealed by young children's transmission of normative behavior

Journal: Evolution and Human Behavior, 36, 191-198.
Authors: Nielsen, M., Kapitány, R., & Elkins, R.