Recently published research papers

Here are some of our 2016 publications. For a more comprehensive publication list please see the team members’ bibliographies


Bulley, Adam, Henry, Julie and Suddendorf, Thomas (2016) Prospection and the present moment: the role of episodic foresight in intertemporal choices between immediate and delayed rewards. Review of General Psychology, 20 1: 29-47. doi:10.1037/gpr0000061

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Suddendorf, Thomas, Brinums, Melissa and Imuta, Kana (2016). Shaping one's future self: the development of deliberate practice. In Kourken Michaelian, Stanley B. Klein and Karl K. Szpunar (Ed.), Seeing the future: theoretical perspectives on future-oriented mental time travel (pp. 343-366) New York, United States: Oxford University Press.

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