Researcher biography

My name is Kristyn Hensby and I am a PhD Candidate in the School of Psychology and the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at UQ

My research interests lie broadly in the fields of developmental psychology and child-robot interaction. My PhD investigates why young children struggle to learn from different forms of media, such as iPads and TV screens. In my PhD I am currently investigating how social robots may assist the learning process from screen media and also how children learn from robots in the real world. I am also interested in the design of child-friendly robots (as part of the Opie project), how children make moral decisions about robots, and how children’s literacy is affected by ebooks and robots as a factor of culture.

My current project aims to understand the role of robots in screen-based learning contexts.

You can read more about my work on my Researchgate & profiles and you can check out my recent research  activities on my website.