Researcher biography

Melissa is a PhD candidate studying Psychology at UQ. Melissa’s research interests lie broadly in the field of developmental psychology, with a particular focus on the development of future thinking in young children and its implications for learning, academic achievement, and expertise.

Melissa’s PhD explores the early development of future-directed learning; that is, children’s capacity to spontaneously (without adult guidance) seek out information or practise skills they foresee they will need in the future. Her PhD aims to determine the age at which children start to practise skills or seek information in anticipation of the future, examine the factors that underlie the development of this capacity, and identify ways to foster and support young children’s self-regulated learning.

Melissa's current project (6 to 9 years - Motivating Young Children to Practice), looks at ways we might help motivate children to practise for longer.

You can read more about her research on ResearchGate