Researcher biography

My name is Karri Neldner and I am PhD candidate in the School of Psychology at UQ.

My research interests lie broadly within the fields of developmental and comparative psychology. I am interested in examining how young children’s minds develop, and how this development is similar, or different, to that of our closest primate relatives’ minds, such as the chimpanzee. I also have a keen interest in cross-cultural psychology, which examines how an individual’s cultural upbringing might influence how their mind might develop.

My PhD specifically examines children’s ability to innovate with tools, and the creativity and flexibility associated with creating new tools to solve novel problems. I examine how children from different cultures across the world solve these tool-use problems, to see how much of an influence culture can have on how a child learns to think about and use tools in their everyday life.

You can find me on twitter or look up my ResearchGate profile!